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My School Life
Por Adelina Cavadas (Professora), em 2014/11/26411 leram | 0 comentários | 86 gostam
My name is Catarina Bizarro.

  My name is Catarina Bizarro. I’m 12 years old and I go to Escola Básica Dr. José Domingues dos Santos in Matosinhos, Portugal. We start school in September and we finish in June.
  I get up at seven o’clock every day because my classes start at quarter past eight. I have lunch in the school canteen. I finish classes at four o’clock or twenty past one. It’s a long day, so I don’t like my timetable very much.
  My favourite subject is English. After school I have guitar lessons.
I don’t like Maths very much. I think it’s difficult!

      Catarina Bizarro n.º2 , 7ºA


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