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My routine on Saturdays
Por Elisa Guedes (Professora), em 2013/03/05665 leram | 0 comentários | 136 gostam
My daily routine at the weekend...

     On Saturdays I usually wake up late. I stay in bed watching TV. Then I always get up and I have breakfast alone or with my sister in the kitchen. Then, I always study.
     At half past one I have lunch in the kitchen with my family. After lunch I brush my teeth and I go to my bedroom and I study again. At twenty past three I usually have a shower. Then I get dressed and I always go to a religion class with my mother by car. In the car I listen to music. I always have tea with my friends.
     At a quarter to seven I sometimes go to a restaurant and I go shopping at eight o’clock. Sometimes I go to the cinema. It’s really good fun. At ten to ten I go home by car. At home I watch TV. At a quarter to eleven I usually go to sleep.

                                           By Mariana Rodrigues 6th C No.15


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