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The place where I live
Hi! My city is in the north of Portugal and its name is Matosinhos.
    In Matosinhos you can do a lot of water sports like surfing and bodyboarding and other sports like skateboarding and cycling. You can swim at Piscina das Marés. If you want to travel to other locations, you can go to Porto de Leixões or Terminal de Cruzeiros, the winner of a lot of architecture prizes.
    At midday you can have lunch at fish restaurants, because Matosinhos has got the best fish in the world.
    Matosinhos is the city of Siza Vieira. You can visit his constructions, because he is a famous architect.
    At the end of the day you can relax in my favourite place, the beaches, because they are very beautiful and calm. Matosinhos has got a lot of beaches, eleven with blue flag.
    For me Matosinhos is the best place to live in.

Nuno Patrício, n.º 14, 7º C


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