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Por Isilda Monteiro (Professora), em 2019/03/31558 leram | 0 comentários | 138 gostam
In the 1st term, the students participated in the Writing Contest.
Matilde Vieira was the 5th grade winner.

Hi! My name is Matilde. I´m ten years old. My birthday is on 10th May. I live in Lavra, in a house. My fa-vourite sport is volleyball. My best friend is Francisca. We are in the same class.
My favourite hangout is my bedroom. There is a pink rug under my bed. There is a pink lamp on my desk. The bed is in front of the wardrobe. There are about one hundred toys in my bedroom. There are two spea-kers and ten books on my bookcase. I love music and adventure books!

Matilde Vieira, 5.º E


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