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My Routine
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In the 1st term, the students participated in the Writing Contest.
Nuno Patrício was the 7th grade winner.
Hi! My name is Nuno. I`m twelve years old and I am from Lavra, in Portugal.
     I get up at quarter to seven a.m. and then I get dressed. I have breakfast with my parents at half past seven a.m. in my kitchen. I go to school by car with my dad. We always listen to music in the car. My classes start at quarter past eight a.m. and finish at twenty past one or five past four or ten to five p.m., depending on the day. I have lunch in the school canteen with some of my best friends. I have lunch in the school canteen, because the food is healthier. My favourite subject is History, because we can understand the past of our world.
     After school I play volleyball or I play the drums. I go home at half past eight p.m. I have dinner with my parents. We talk about our day.
     After dinner I watch Netflix with my parents. I go sleep at half past ten p.m.

Nuno Patrício, n.º 14 7.º C


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