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Shawn Mendes
Por Adelina Cavadas (Professora), em 2019/01/23242 leram | 0 comentários | 53 gostam
In the "Writing Contest - An Entertainment Event - 9th grade", Carlota Coelho was the winner. Congratulations!
Last year I went to my favourite singer’s concert, Shawn Mendes! It was in Lisbon and I went there with my friend Francisca.
   It was in Altice Arena and the stage was very simple. He was performing his second album “Illuminate”. There was a fake moon in the middle of the arena! His shows are very basic. He was wearing black jeans and he played all the songs with a guitar.
   My favourite part of the show was the end. He suddenly disappeared and went to a second stage under the moon, which was in the middle of the crowd! He started singing and playing the piano. Everyone started singing too and turned their cell phone lights on. It was so magical! Shawn can really move a crowd and make every show special.
   In my opinion, it was the best concert ever! I cried so much when he arrived at the stage! It was such a wonderful time! But the only thing I didn’t enjoy was the time, because the concert was just one and a half hour long! Next year, I’m going to see him again! I can’t wait for that event!

Carlota Coelho, n.º 7, 9.º A


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