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My daily routine!
Por Adelina Cavadas (Professora), em 2018/03/29127 leram | 0 comentários | 23 gostam
A busy daily routine!
I always wake up at seven o`clock a.m. Next I get dressed. I have breakfast with my parents and then I brush my teeth. I go to school by car at ten to eight a.m.
My classes start at quarter past eight a.m. and finish at twenty past one p.m. After that I have lunch in the school canteen every day. In the afternoon I do my homework in my study centre and I usually play volleyball, but on Wednesday I play the drums. I go home at eight o`clock p.m. My dad`s food is delicious. After dinner I watch TV with my family and sometimes I listen to music. I usually read a book before sleeping. At ten o`clock p.m. I go to my bed.

Nuno Patrício, 6º C, nº 14


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