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Writing Contest - 8th Grade Winner
Por Adelina Cavadas (Professora), em 2018/03/29229 leram | 0 comentários | 35 gostam
A Travel Story! My favourite holidays!
Last summer I went on a cruise ship with my family.
First, I had to travel to Italy by aeroplane. When I got there, I took the cruise ship. Our first stop was in Mykonos, in Greece. We bought a lot of stuff there. Then, we went to Santorini. There were a lot of fairs there, so we bought some clothes and souvenirs.
After that, we went to Dubrovnik. I liked it very much, because we took a lot of pictures. Finally, we got back to Italy.
It was one of my favourite vacations, because I went to a lot of countries and I met a lot of new things. And of course I made loads of friends.
My favourite part was when my father fell on the river! That was epic! I would like to see that again!

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