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Welcome to Lavra School
Por Isilda Monteiro (Professora), em 2018/03/12155 leram | 0 comentários | 39 gostam
Welcome to Lavra School in the north-west of Portugal.
There are about 500 pupils in my school, boys and girls, aged between 10 and 15. As you come into the school, you´ll see the main entrance.
     On the ground floor, next to the reception area, there´s a school museum. On your left, there´s the school office, the canteen and the boy´s toilet. There are also 8 classrooms and an art room. On your right, there’s a reception area, the school cafeteria and the boy´s toilet. There are also 8 classrooms, a science room and an art room.
     On the first floor, there´s the staffroom, the headteacher´s office and the school shop. The library is next to it. Here we can borrow books and films. There´s a big student room and the girls´ toilet. There also some classrooms and a music room.
     The gym is in another building. We´ve also got a sports field, the playground and a garden with some bushes and trees.

Maria Carvalho dos Santos
N.º14 6.ºD

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