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I love swimming, running, dancing and doing gymnastics!
My name is Maria and my surname is Santos.
       I am eleven years old. My birthday is on 5th March.
       I am Portuguese. I am from a city called Matosinhos.
       My address is 000 Agudela Street, Lavra, Matosinhos and my telephone number is 900000000.
       I am a sixth year student at Lavra School.
       My father is called Pedro and he is fifty years old. My mother is called Isabel and she is forty- eight years old. I have got two brothers. Bruno is twenty-eight and João is twenty.
       I live in a house with my father and my mother. My house is big. It has got a garden and it is close to the sea. I have a big dog called Rocky.
       I am medium-height and slim. I have green eyes, an oval face, a small nose and long brown hair.
       My favourite colour is a purple. My favourite clothes are jeans, shorts, and I love wearing trainers.
       I am a little shy but I can be a very funny person. I have many friends.
       I am very active. I love swimming, running, dancing and doing gymnastics. I like listening to music, watching TV and going to the cinema.
       I really like sports and music. My favorite athlete is Simone Biles. She is an American artistic gymnastic, she is extraordinary. My favorite singer is Ariana Grande, a pop singer.
       I do classical ballet and contemporary dance. I would love to be a professional dancer.

                                                            Maria Santos
                                                             Nº14, 6ºD


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