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When Fraser met Billy
Por Isilda Monteiro (Professora), em 2016/05/12321 leram | 0 comentários | 76 gostam
My favourite book is “When Fraser met Billy”,that in portuguese is “O meu amigo Billy”.

The story began with Fraser’s birth. Fraser is one of the two children of Chris and Louise. After two weeks in California’s hospital, the doctor decided to make exams to see if Fraser had got any problem, because of Fraser’s abnormal attitudes. Fraser’s mother was sitting on the sofa when the doctor came and said: “FRASER HAS GOT AUTISM”.
It wasn’t a good situation for Fraser and his family. For over a hundred pages we see how hard his family tries to deal with Fraser’s situation. One day Fraser’s mother had an idea: to have a pet to be Fraser’s friend. That’s when Billy, a cat with grey fur appeared and made a very special relationship with Fraser. This is how Fraser became a big happy man.
On the back of the book Fraser’s mother wrote: ”This book is for the people who are in the situation I was. It’s for you see that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel”.

By André Rêgo, no.2 7C


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